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December 1, 2011

December Already?

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It’s the first day of the last month of the year. At my house that means “Oh my gosh, Christmas is coming!” is battering it’s way into some brains and the bodies attached are flailing helplessly and wandering aimlessly while possibly babbling incoherently.

We are very talented. (more…)


July 23, 2011

Who Left Me In Charge??

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I haven’t posted for a while, summer is here and life got strange. Hopefully I’m on my way back to an even keel.

Since I’ve been gone we’ve had a promotion (WTG, honey!), and a potty training fail (it’s okay, baby). (more…)

July 15, 2011

Blazing New Trails

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Earlier this week The One Who Eats announced a trip to the grocery store and thrust the laptop in my direction saying, “Find some new recipes, I’m tired of eating the same crap every day.”

I’m sure what he meant was, “Let’s try some new foods and spice things up a little!”

And was  merely thinking, “The One Who Pees Wherever She Wants should learn it’s good to try new foods.”

I’m SURE that’s what he meant.

So, I looked up some new recipes (with EASY being the main theme so I could share it here with the 4 people who read this blog) and am letting you know how things turned out.

Well, I will. I think I’m going to do it post by post. That way the recipes will be easier to find. 🙂

In the meantime, HAPPY COOKING! You can do it! And, if you mess up remember: You’re the only one in the kitchen. No one will know!



June 30, 2011

Forgive me…

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I’m trying to build up the recipe section. I think I’m making it my mission this week. The two little recipes we have in there at the moment look lost and confused. Eventually we’ll have a lot over there to choose from and having few here at the beginning of the blog is to be expected, but still.

So, forgive the multiple postings while I get some recipes together. Also, a lot of them come from other people so while you’re waiting for a new post (a REAL one) go visit some of the new treasures I’ve discovered, say hi and tell them Ginger sent you! 🙂


June 23, 2011

In the beginning God created Hamburger Helper

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I grew up in the care of a woman who believed with all her misinformed heart that cooking Hamburger Helper was cooking “from scratch.” (Hi, Mom!)  This woman also kept returning her cookie sheet of cookies to the oven because when she took them out they weren’t hard. She said, “They turned black, but they still weren’t hard.” (more…)

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