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March 1, 2012

Who knew?

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I admit to being a little..um…distracted…lately. I have the attention span of a goldfish. I’m sure it’s due to stress and the sheer volume of things going on around me…and nothing to do with my advanced age and possible brain cell destruction. I admit to also not being the greatest cook in the world. I started this blog, didn’t I?

But when a box of hot chocolate packets can mess with me… well, maybe it’s time to throw in the dishtowel, take a Valium and lie in a hammock while someone feeds me grapes.

The problem started with those EXTRA MARSHMALLOW cocoas. They come with two packets attached to one another like regular cocoa, but one of those packets contains >fanfare< extra marshmallows.  So. The One Who Eats bought two boxes of cocoa last time he went shopping. I glanced at one when I was putting things away and read “MARSHMALLOW.” I figured, “ok. Marshmallows are nice.”

And then I made coffee.

I suppose what you need to know about me is that I hate HATE HATE LOATHE coffee. I drink it because, frankly, I need the caffeine boost. But to swallow it I must first infuse it with a secret blend of sugar, milk, and when we have it…hot chocolate.

So for a week or so I’d been stirring up my coffee with the coffee, sugar, milk and a packet of hot chocolate.

This, after I discovered that “MARSHMALLOW” was different than “EXTRA MARSHMALLOW” which meant that all the packets were hot chocolate with marshmallows, and not just packets containing marshmallows.

It’s so hard to be me.

Today I had to open the second box of hot chocolate….which I’ve discovered…has NO marshmallows.

This is when it totally hit home that “I can’t work a box of hot chocolate.”

For the past week I’ve been drinking coffee with marshmallows in it.

Not the professional, pulled-it-all-together, ‘I wish I was her” image I had been cultivating in my head.Image


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  1. This was hysterical. I hate coffee too…I can’t drink it at all..I have tea..Thanks for the fun way to start my day.

    Comment by Winnie Dolderer — June 3, 2012 @ 10:09 am

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